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Great amps and the best-sounding tremolo in the business! Magnatone is back and we've got them here!

Corner's own Minister of Funk, the famous Toddzilla, gives a great demo of the new Magnatone Super 59 head with its very cool variable-speed vibrato (you'll also recognize our friend Billy Gibbons' influence when you hear the Magnatone Varistor sound).



Magnatone Super 59 Head

45 Watts of EL84 Power w/ Variable-Speed Vibrato

Magnatone Master 2x12 Cabinet

2 x 12 Cabinet Matches the Super 59 Head

Magnatone Panoramic Stereo Combo

2 x 10" Stereo Combo Amp w/ True Stereo Vibrato

Magnatone Varsity 1x12 Amplifier

Sweet 1x12 Class-A Tone with Old-School Appearance

If you don't believe us, just ask this guy who keeps hanging out in front of the store.