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Corner Music is an authorized Gibson Dealer—and we’re proud of it!

We have dozens of great-looking Gibsons waiting for you to come in and play. But because we’re not a mega-store and Gibson Certified Online Dealer, we’re not allowed to post photos of our current Gibson inventory here—only used instruments. Weird technicality … we don’t make the rules. 

But we still have plenty of gorgeous Gibson guitars here. Stop by our store. You can also call anytime to learn more about our current stock of Gibson electric guitars. So do it. Do it now.



Why We Like Gibson Guitars


For many of us, a Gibson guitar was our first love. You see them everywhere—they're workhorses, they look great and they hold their value. They are unquestionably the working standard.


We like Gibson's distinctive body styles, fat tones (they originated the humbucker) and solid necks. Whatever style you play, we’ve got plenty of Gibsons here to choose from (the factory is right down the road and we get them while they’re still fresh).

Gibson Les Paul Jr. - 1961

The Original Single-Pickup SG-Style Les Paul

Gibson Les Paul Special - 2002 Ebony Black Lacquer

Killer 2 x P-90, No-Frills Les Paul

Gibson SG Standard- 2011 Ebony

2 Humbuckers, Lightweight, Nitro Finish