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Hammond XK-5c Organ

Hammond's "New Original" — B-3 Sound Without the Hassle

The Long-Awaited, Highly-Anticipated Hammond XK-5c Is In Stock NOW. 

Hammond Xk-3c Portable Organ

B-3 Performance, Tone and Features - Only 45 Lbs.

Hammond XK-3c Vintage System-RW

Hammond XK-3c Double Keyboard w/ Pedals in Red Walnut B3 Cabinet

Was $8599 — Now Only 6995!

Hammond Sk1 Portable Organ/Performance Keyboard

Hammond's smallest, lightest ever. A Corner "Pick of the Litter" Award winner!

Hammond Sk1-73 Organ/Performance Keyboard

Sk1's great features w/ 73-note Fatar keyboard—only 21 pounds!

Hammond Sk2 Portable Organ

Two keyboards, authentic Hammond tonewheel/drawbar sound, Leslie simulator—and only 35 pounds!

Hammond Xk-1c Portable Organ

The easiest way to get full B-3 tone (without the angry roadies). 

Hammond XPK-100 Pedalboard

Single-Octave, 13-Pedal Pedalboard

Hammond XPK-200 20-Key Pedalboard

1 1/2-Octave, 20-Pedal Pedalboard

Hammond XPK-200L 20-Key Board w/ "Long-Stick" Pedals

1 1/2-Octave, 20 "Long-Stick" Pedals 

Hammond CU-1 3-Position (“Half-Moon”) Switch

Half-Moon Front-Rail Switch Controls Leslie Tremolo Speed

Hammond EXP-100F Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal for XE-1,XE101, XE103 and XK-3

Hammond EXP-20 Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal for XK-1, Sk-1, Sk2 and XK-3 Keyboards

Hammond EXP-50 Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal for Sk-1 and Sk-2 

Hammond Foot Switch FS-10TL

Contrlos Leslie Speed on Model 971 (and 122XB with interface panel)