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Everyone at Carr Amplifiers plays guitar, and they view guitar amps as part of the instrument. That's why they design and build amps with a distinct character and sonic personality. 

Steve Carr's team uses unique circuit designs, meticulous point-to-point construction, premium components and hand-crafted cabinets to create distinctly American-sounding amps—all made in the USA. We think you'll be inspired when you play through a Carr .

Carr Atemus 1x12 Amplifier (Red)

 Carr Artemus 1x12 AC-Style 30-Watt Amp

Carr Bloke 1x12 Amplifier (2-Tone Black/Brown)

1x12 British Lead-Style 48-Watt Amplifier

Carr Impala 1x12 Amplifier (2-Tone Fawn/Slate)

 44 Watts of 60-era Bassman Tone

Carr Raleigh 1x10 Amplifier (Purple)

 1x10 w/ 3 Huge Watts of Purple Personality

Carr Skylark 1x12 Amplifier (Black)

Carr Skylark Amp - 12 Watts (and less!) of Great Tone w/ Attenuator