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Music City On Ice

5 Ways to Make the Most of Nashville’s Goofy Winter Weather


Even the coldest months in Nashville are generally mild(ish) and navigable. But at least once every few years, we ‘enjoy’ some sort of unpleasant winter event—typically featuring 1/2” of snow with 2” of ice—more than enough to close schools and unhinge local drivers. So we’ve put together a quick list of activities for days when you can’t make it into the music store.


1. Practice

Sure, it’s fun to come to Corner Music to check out new gear. But when you’re stuck at home, unable to go to work (yeah, hate that), you can always take advantage of the suddenly-freed-up hours to turn up and let it rip. Licks, scales, slower, faster … you can’t ever practice too much—no matter what everyone else in the house tells you.


2. Facebook Your Friends Back in Snow Country 

People from anywhere else love to give Southerners unending crap for not knowing how to drive in the snow. Fair point, except that we don’t really get snow—we get ice. And we get it maybe 1 or 2 days a year. Consequently: No, we don’t have chains or snow tires; we don’t have an entire armada of snow plows to clear a path; and admittedly, we don’t have much experience. Instead, we have 9-10 months of agreeable weather, outdoor living, great barbecue and attractive women. So everybody else, shut up.


3. Write a Million-Seller

If you’re thinking how nice it would be to spend the next snow day in Key West, why not come up with some remarkably unoriginal hit song idea that could make it happen? Regardless of the weather, no place in the world has more songs floating in the atmosphere than Nashville. So throw another log on the laptop and start rhyming something with “beer” and “truck.” It seems to work for everybody else.


4. Walk to the Nearest Bar

Nothing creates community like hardship. And nothing says “hardship” like people huddled together over craft brews and nachos, bracing against the Arctic chill and fortifying themselves for the next harrowing decision (“Porter, stout or IPA?”). Because if you’re not driving, there’s not much reason to stay sober in this weather (and you definitely want to be numb for the frigid walk home).


5. Blow Off Everything Else and Play with Your Family

Selfish activities and motivations aside, we all know the very best way to spend a snow day is to build a snowman, throw snowballs and go sledding with your family, friends and/or significant other. Because as challenging as these may be with less than an inch of snow, they end up being special—often unforgettable—for everyone involved (especially the little people).


Have some fun, make some sweet memories … and then you can go practice, grab a drink, be glad you live here and write a nice song about it all.