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Mic line testers, line driver amps, buffer amps, iso boxes, pads ... the list goes on. We try to keep everything you need in stock. If it's not listed here, there's still a great chance we've got it in the store. Please call for additional assistance.


Shure A15LA Audio Pad (50 dB)

50dB Audio Attenuator

Whirlwind IMPAD - Audio Pad

10-40dB Audio Attenuator

Cloudlifter CL-1

Effectively Turns Any Preamp into a Ribbon Pre

Cloudlifter CL-2

2 Channels of Clean Gain – Get Ribbon Clarity from Dynamic Mics

Cloudlifter CL-Z

With Variable Impedance, 2 Gain Modes and High-Pass Filter

Rode D-Power Plug

Buffer Amp Boosts Dynamic Mic Signal (for Long Cable Runs)

Peavey ADI-Q Active DI w/ EQ

Direct Box w/ 3-Band EQ

Radial J+4 Line Driver Amp

Balanced -10dB to +4dB Signal Driver

Switchcraft SC600 - Dual Adapter Box

Universal Adapter / Splitter

Apex ACT4 Cable Tester

Tests Virtually Any Standard Audio Cable

Whirlwind Qbox Mic/Line Tester

All-In-One Audio Line Tester

ART USB Phono Plus

Link Your Computer to Analog Sources (Perfect for Digitizing Vinyl)

Radial J33 Turntable Direct Box

Turntable Preamp DI, Perfect for DJing, Sampling and Playback

ART T8 8-Channel Transformer Isolator

8-Channel, Multi-Input, Passive Transformer Isolator

Ebtech Hum Eliminator

Eliminates Ground Loop Hum

Ebtech HumX - Hum Exterminator

The Hum Eliminator — Gets Rid of Hum at the Source

Ebtech Line Level Shifter

Increases/Decreases Signal Voltage (-10dBv / +4dBu)

Peavey ISO-1

Transformer Isolated Interface

Peavey STI - Stereo Transformer Interface

Compact, 1/3 Rackspace Line Isolation Box